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Disclaimer: All games listed on this site were uploaded by users, not directly related to NettleWeb. If copyright infringement occurred, please email us. We will take the corresponding actions as soon as possible.


NettleWeb is a new, modern, free online gaming platform. It offers over 2000 HTML5, Flash, DOS, and classic games for free. With such a wide range of games, you'll never run out of options and can always find something new and exciting to play.

Apart from playing and sharing games, we also aim to build a community within this website. With our in-site chat feature, you can engage in real-time conversations, share gaming tips, and collaborate on multiplayer games.

Although NettleWeb has already achieved a certain size in terms of storage and the amount of traffic received, it is still under the stage of heavy construction. A significant amount of games will be added, and more features will be introduced in the future, so don't panic if you found something missing.

Writing a useful feedback about your experience would also contribute to the website's development.


YouTube Unblocked

Notice: YouTube Unblocked uses Google's free API to get search results, which is limited to 10000 requests per day. When it reaches the limit, an error message like 'quota exceed' would be shown, and the search function would no longer work.

As a workaround for this error, we recommend you to create and use your own API key. To do so, follow the steps below:

- Login with your personal Google account and go to Google Cloud Console.

- Create or select an existing project.

- In 'APIs & Services' section, click 'library'.

- Search for 'YouTube Data API v3' and enable it.

- Go back to 'APIs & Services' section, then click 'credentials'.

- Click 'create credentials' at the top and select 'API key'.

- Fill in your API key below to use it.

Game Emulator

PC Emulator (32-bit)

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The website is blocked, how can I access it?

There are many ways to access a restricted website, since most administrative softwares (aka 'blockers') are buggy. However you should always follow the network policy, as misusing could lead to unwanted consequences.

You can have a try on the methods below to see which one works for you.

1. Use mirror links

Most blockers use a URL blacklist to restrict listed websites. Switching to a new address could bypass the restriction in this case as the new address is not yet known. However frequently using the same address could cause it being noticed by administrators, resulting it being added to the blacklist and revoke access to it.

As the result using official mirror links provided here is not recommended, and you should self-host your own mirror link instead. (See method 2)

Note: Embed mirrors (including data URLs) only work if the website is blocked by a browser extension. If a network-based restriction is set, you must use a standalone mirror, or a custom DNS server in order to bypass the restriction.

Google Sites Embed Mirrors

(Hint: You can also create your own mirror link on Google Sites using embed code)

Standalone Mirrors

(These links might not work if whitelist restriction mode is used)

Important Notice: Do NOT trust mirror links shared by others online. Ads and malicious code could be injected, putting you into security risks.

Date URLs

The code below is a data URL of an embedded mirror link, it can be used to bypass most browser extensions running on Chromium-based browsers (including Chrome, Edge). However it cannot be used to bypass external network restrictions.


Data URLs work in the same way as HTTP(S) URLs, they can be opened directly in a new tab. (Just copy and paste the code above into a new tab's address bar and press enter)

2. Use a self-hosted mirror link

Mirror links provided here might be blocked already as they are published publicly. However you can self-host your own mirror link on GitHub Pages, or another hosting provider that works for you. (Visit the repository home page for some quick deploy buttons)

For hosting on GitHub Pages, it must be hosted on a root domain ( Otherwise some essential resources may fail to load.

None of the methods works?

If none of the methods above work properly, it means a very strict policy is set in your network environment. In this case, you might need to search for solutions on your own.

If you are using a managed Chromebook, bypassing enterprise enrollment would allow you to remove the network restrictions.

How can I enable sounds in the unblocker?

Unfortunately, there is no way to enable sounds in Puppeteer mode due to a limitation of puppeteer.

However you can use the Raw Embed mode to make sounds work and improve the frame rate, but this method only works if the website supports embed via an <iframe> tag, and is restricted by browser extensions. (same limitations as embed mirrors described above)

How to upload a game to the website?

Uploading a game to this website is not a complicated process. You can do so by following the steps below:

1. Login to your account with the button on the top right corner, create one if you don't have one already.

2. Go to the account page and click 'upload game' button under the 'functions' section.

3. Follow the instructions to finish uploading the game.

Successfully uploading a certain amount of games would award you a membership within the website. (See below for more details)

What is the membership in my account page? Why are there some users with a badge next to their names? How can I get one on my profile?

There are two types of badges available, the diamond badge (💎) and the gold badge (👑), which represent two levels of membership for a user.

Every registered user on this website starts without any membership, and therefore you will see 'Membership: None' under the 'account information' section in the account page.

In order to become a gold or a diamond member, you will need to level up your membership (aka promote).

For becoming a gold member, you must have done one of the following tasks:

- Uploaded at least 200 games onto the website. The game only counts when it passed the review.

- Made at least one major contribution to the website.

For becoming a diamond member, you must have done one of the following tasks:

- Uploaded at least 1000 games onto the website and passed the review for all of them.

- Made at least 10 major contributions to the website.

Please note that the badges are given out manually by the administrators. If you did not receive one but have met the requirement, please let us know using the 'contact us' button in the footer.

Where can I find the source of the games?

All games on this website (except those labeled as 'original') were uploaded by users. We do not disclose any of these information as part of our Terms of Service.

Upload Game


Your game will be reviewed by the administrators before becoming visible to the public. This process could take 3-5 days, or even longer in some cases.

In order to pass the review, you must ensure that your submission meets the following conditions:

1. All information of the game are filled correctly, and have a reliable source unless you are the author.

2. The game uploaded would not cause copyright infringement in any form.

3. The game is not duplicated with one that already exists on the site.

We might also edit or delete certain information based on our needs.

HTML5 games

The game file must be a valid ZIP file with a file named exactly `index.html` inside. The file will be used as the game's entry.

Flash games

The game file must be a valid SWF file. Both AVM1 and AVM2 are supported.

The game must not contain a site lock, or any settings preventing it from running on other websites.

DOS games

The game file must be a JS-DOS bundle. If you have a ZIP file, you can convert it into a JS-DOS bundle via the DOS Zone Studio.

Other emulator-based games

Other emulator-based games, such as N64, NES, SNES, are not yet supported to be added here. However you can still play them with the game emulator under the 'apps' page.

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